MillionDollarWiki, the site started by Graham Langdon, a student at the University of Connecticut is building Momentum after the hype on John Chow’s and Shoemoney’s blogs. It is a site much like Wikipedia, except each page is owned by someone. Each page costs $100. And Graham is planning to sell 10000 pages and earn a whopping 1 Million Dollars from it!

Graham guarantees that the site will be live for 15 years. And that means your 100 USD investment will get you a page on this site for 15 years!

After seeing the momentum building in last two days, I spent $100 and bought a page for the keyword, Online Money ( I am planning to use that page for running contests and giving away cash prizes.

This kind of sites can sometimes bring a lot of traffic to your site or sometimes they are just a waste of money. So let’s see what this wiki page gives back.